Stick around and I guarantee you will still be here

Antisocial Commentary: A Czar is Born

Welcome! I am so neutral that you've decided to stop by. I won't get my hopes up that you'll stick around for whatever it is this blog turns out to be - like most 20somethings (or at least the 20somethings I want to will into existence, but not that much will, just like the minimum amount of will required to make something materialize) I am not sure where I'm going. I know that when I made a list of things I think I am passionate about, No. 1 was "being passionate." I quickly realized this was a prerequisite for the entire exercise. No matter, I changed the list to "Things that Make Me Not Want to Stay in Bed All Day" - this was much easier to work with. Never set the bar so high you can't reach it on the first try. Anyway, I persevered and my list looked something like 1) making people laugh 2) laughing 3) putting a sarcastic spin on everything to make every situation either uncomfortable or more comfortable depending on my comfort level 4) kettlebells (I can't believe this is a thing) and 5) knowing everything there is to know about only the interesting current events.

So here you go - this is my platform to share with you my musings on...all of that. And more! Probably more.

I promise to never try and sell you anything unless I am offered a substantial amount of money. Except for Fit Tea. There will be no Fit Tea here. 

So enjoy it! Take it or leave it. Retweet it or "like" it or whatever; I'm not even checking because I am busy living my really curated and sepia toned life.

Call me a millennial or a whiner if you want - I'm pretty apathetic about it.

Best Wishes Unless They Surpass My Own,


Humans are the Worst