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Guys Admit Their Biggest Dating Turnoffs from Punctuality to Your Personality

Guys Admit Their Biggest Dating Turnoffs from Punctuality to Your Personality


Do you find yourself driving men away for seemingly inexplicable reasons? Are you losing his interest in conversations, despite your Latisse Ribbon Dancer routine? Do his eyes keep wandering even when you're sitting right across from him in a yurt with no other people, wifi or cable? 

First impressions are super important when trying to win a guy's affection - and while we're here - last impressions are equally as important because you don't want him telling his friends what a hormonal man hating harpy you are and further limiting your dating pool. So how do you make a good first impression? Or, more importantly, how do you NOT make a series of bad impressions that turn. him. off.

We interviewed a random group of men in New York from different backgrounds, between the ages of 25 and 40, to learn about the faux-man-pas we've been committing for years. Now we can understand the answer, once and for all, to the age-old question: what are mens' biggest date turn-offs?


Being too forward. I like the chase, so I can't stand when a woman is really forward...thinking. I'm not saying she needs to vacuum in pearls, but it would be nice if every once in a while, a girl would just be open to the domestic service my house. Mario, age 39, Business Executive

Body positivity. It's so sexy to me when a beautiful woman is plagued by insecurity and paranoia that she's actually unattractive. Too often you meet these narcissistic sloths who are "confident" in how they look. Whatever happened to striving for perfection? to never being complacent? Max, age 34, Executive Business Specialist

Sending mixed signals. If you're going to dance or sing along to Fifth Harmony's "Work from Home," you must see how crazy it would be for me NOT to expect you to be DTF once I get home from work, after you've fed me. Jaime, age 29, Mantrepreneur

Pre-mature ejaculation. When she makes me do that, it's super unsexy. Brian, age 25, Business Entrepeneurternship

Eating like a bird when we go out. But then still looking like a human. If you're going to order only salads and seeds, then you should look like a bird - nothing intimidating like an egress, but maybe a chick. A legal adult chick. If you're going to be human sized then just eat a burger, because if you were a real vegan, you wouldn't let me murder that pussy every night. Jose, age 37, Deputy Senior Business Investment Manager

Anal Retentiveness. This is a serious condition that not enough people talk about. When a woman's anus will not release the penis in it's grasp, it's a total turn off, not to mention a painful ER fiasco. Sean, age 28, VP of Business Solutions

Trying to make me jealous. Flirting with other guys, in front of other guys I might know, who might tell me, doesn't make me more interested in you or make me think I've found some highly coveted blood diamond. It makes me think you are ruining our prospects as a married couple with 3 children. We may never have actually dated, and you might not even know me, technically, but that makes this all the more strange that you would dedicate your life to putting on this one-woman slut show for me. Carl, age 33, Executive Inmate.



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