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Leanback Loop

Leanback Loop



1. A ritual that occurs when a woman is overcome by paranoia that she will be perceived as running a "lean in play" by male superiors when negotiating, proposing an idea or commenting on the lunch selection. This fear of being accused of "playing the female card," unfounded or not, will result in a self-fulfilling catastophe 90% of the time (for the other 10%, the superior will be female.)

In an effort to represent herself as a sexless being in a meritocratic society, the woman will purposely ignore all of Sheryl Sandberg's advice, earning herself zero points (i.e. additional dollars.) The man need not engage in order to preserve the status quo, but merely lean back and watch the implosion. In extreme cases, she will advocate for and cross-examine herself, declare a hung jury and then thank the man for his time. 

Remember, shake hands firmly, make eye contact and don't get yourself stuck in a leanback loop. Last time that happened to me I blacked out, and when I came to, I was serving coffee in the conference room.