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Instant Postification

Instant Postification

[in-stuh nt - pohst - uh fi-key-shuh n]


1. The experience of achieving, without delay, the self-satisfaction associated with bestowing your well-wishes upon a recipient via social media. The recipient is usually someone who has, but does not use, or otherwise eschews all social media, making the collateral dopamine release entirely for the sender's benefit. The strength of the dopamine is directly correlated with the intensity of the message. In other words, the sender who wishes the recipient a "blessed" birthday will experience a stronger effect than the sender who wishes the recipient a "happy" birthday; there is no correlation to the pleasure of the recipient.)

2. The thrill of recording and sharing your kind-spirit with the social media community under the guise of wanting to send a highly personal message to a singular recipient. The recipient is often easily reachable by phone or dead. (see: ghost post)

The high of instant postification can literally be achieved in a matter of milliseconds depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Ghost Post